Thursday, May 31, 2007

Xerox Invisible Fluorescent Printing

Group of Xerox scientists devised a new method for printing hidden fluorescent text using standard printers. The fluorescent text is only visible in ultraviolet light, at the same time it does not require fluorescent toner to print it.

This new method is side product of Xerox’s larger studies to put more security into digitally printed documents by making any element on the page-—such as lines, text, and images-—unique to the recipient. The scientists were playing with differential gloss in a toner to print a hologram-like image, when one of them, Reiner Eschbach, started to wonder if there was any chance to make fluorescent marks using regular toner.

Eschbach's group tried different toner combinations to achieve paper's fluorescence shining when exposed to ultraviolet light. They come to this after they realized most paper already contains fluorescent brightening agents added by manufacturers to make the paper look whiter.

According to the company, the new method of fluorescent printing allows adding more security to commonly printed materials such as checks, tickets, coupons, and other high-value documents.

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1 comment:

Xerox Ink said...

Invisible ink comes handy in many cases i think its great that xerox is coming up with all these impressive ink solutions.

Its a great way to elevate security when it comes to printing, reports, checks, and private information.Most paper manufacturers already inject fluorescent brightening agents in paper to enchance its "whiteness" therefore, many of Xerox' clients will not be required to buy a special type of paper, or a special printer since they developed this to work on normal printers.

I think its a really great development, mainly in terms of security. I think banks should use this develiopment to prottect their clients more..

Great post!