Thursday, September 25, 2008

Printer For Ceramic Tiles

Newtech SRL has announced KeraMagic, the first digital color printer to produce images on ceramic tiles.

The new printer is based on inkjet technology, incorporates grayscale Xaar 1001 inkjet printheads to carry out drop-on-demand jobs in a single pass

The KeraMagic is available is two configurations – the 350 mm width model and a 700 mm width model. It can print at up to 25m per minute at resolutions up to 360 dpi and with eight levels of grayscale.

The company says the KeraMagic can output a variety of fluids to produce tiles effectively in short-run volumes.

Newtech SRL will launch KeraMagic at Tecnargilla, which takes place in Rimini on 30 September to 4 October.

Via TCD blog

Universal Drivers Not So Universal

Not so long ago, Xerox released a set of drivers designed to fit all printers - Mobile Express Driver. So did HP, except its set of drivers is called Universal Print Driver.

Now it is discovered that the two set of universal drivers are not so universal. In a working environment with a variety of different printers, Robert L. Mitchel at tested the two drivers sets. He found out that neither of them was a remedy for the faced printing problems. However, both tools are useful and one can make them play nicely together.

More on how these to drivers set are different learn from TCD blog.

Monochrome Printing Is Not Dead, Say Experts

Today we can witness how more and more color laser printer become available at low price. Some are even approaching the prices of their monochrome counterparts. Does that mean black-and-white laser printer are about to extinct anytime soon?

On TCD blog you can find out what experts from major printer companies think about that.

Soy Bean Toner Cartridges

It turns out the US currently uses over 100 million cartridges per year. To produce that amount of cartridges, 100 million pounds or 50,000 tons of oil must be processed. That means high-volume energy consumption and tons of landfill afterwards.

In an effort to reduce this tremendous amount of nature’s raw materials, PRC Technologies, a division of Print Recovery Concepts Inc., announced a real environmental breakthrough. PRC has developed a way to make toner powder out of soybeans.

The company says soy toner is absolutely harmless to the printers. Just as harmless as it is for humans

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Monday, September 15, 2008

How Less Packaging Can Save You Money

One-third of American garbage is packaging materials, according to the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington.

And there’s not necessarily a good reason for it. Many companies are simply following convention and haven’t looked into better ways to package their products.

Not only is minimal packaging better for the environment, it also costs less to produce. Companies can save a lot of money when they reduce packaging.

Printer cartridges add to the problem of overpackaging, too.

Learn how you can save money and contribute to a better environment with Toner Cartridge Depot.