Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Siemens T100 Teleprinter: Ancestor of Today's Network Printers

Once upon a time, there were neither inkjet nor laser printers. Networked printers, as we know them now, didn’t come to exist either. However, there was technology that allowed a printing task (actually only a text), to be performed by a device in a remote place.

The technology was telegraphy and the device was telex.

Developed in the middle of 19 century, by 1940’s telegraphy had become the most common type of connection between cities, countries, and even continents, so messages could be sent across the globe.

Telegraphic messages were received and printed out by the telex, a special kind of printer that produced a hard copy of a message. One of the most popular telexes was Siemens T100, a page printer that dates way back to the 1960’s. All of the UK military services and on the commercial telex system used Siemens T100 widely.

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1 comment:

VK4RU said...

I have one of these machines in the corner of my shack.Bought it at Cavions scrap yard Bulli in the mid 80s.Used it on Ham Rtty. Dragged it between 4 cities. Havent started it in years, suppose it still goes. Had a Creed 5B before.You can understand why they are not used anymore.
Doug, VK4RU