Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Know What Yellow Dots Say About You

A study done by Electronic Frontier Foundation finds that most color laser printers add an identifying code on every page you print. This code is actually microscopic yellow dots printed on each page in a grid pattern. Normally these dots are invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen using a blue LED light.

The information in the yellow dots varies, some have just the serial number of the printer and others also have the date printed. On the picture below you can see the date and time when page was printed and the serial number of the printer.

Yellow dots legend

Originally the technology was implemented to help secret services track and find counterfeiter who use color laser printers to forge money and other valuable documents. But who know how seriously this can compromise our privacy.

Calibrating a Home Inkjet Printer

You may have a history of photo printing with an inkjet, if so then you know that so when inks interact with paper, you can rarely expect good results at once (especially when they are made by different brands). But there’s something you can do about it — calibrate your printer.

TCD blog posted a good article on how to calibrate your inkjet printer at home.