Tuesday, March 20, 2007

60 Pages Per Minute Inkjet Printer

An Australian company Silverbrook Research announced a technology called Memjet it’s been working on for a decade. The technology required to over 1400 patents.

The developer asserts the innovation will enable a jet print speed unheard of before – 60 pages per minute in color.

In printers supporting Memjet Technology, the printhead that span the width of an A4 page. First such printers are going to be quite affordable – around $200, and the ink price is good too – less then $20 for 50 ml.

Technical specifications for Memjet Technology are expected the soonest (currently, they charge around $3000 for a detailed report on implemented technologies). You can view a video demonstrating the speed of a prototype built on the new technology.

Truth to be told, I see it as as logical continuation for the previous post. This is a great idea to make a printhead as wide as a sheet of paper to print on. I just wonder why it took 10 years and millions of dollars for the idea to emerge.

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