Friday, March 23, 2007

New HP Printer Eases Print and Preprint

Hewlett Packard announced a new wide-format photo printer Designjet Z3100ps GP. This model extends the model range of HP Designjet Z professional photo printers and feature easy integration into designing and publishing process. Aside from color management system, a property of all Z series printers, HP Designjet Z3100ps GP implement new HP DreamColor Technology. This technology is actually a complex of means of color management, providing accuracy and stability of color rendering for various digital devices.
The new model of HP Designjet Z series is firstly designed for design offices, marketing agencies, preprint offices and printing-works. New raster processor Adobe PS3/PDF features high usability and performance, while HP Advanced Profiling Solution with display calibration system allows experiment print on various media.
The built-in spectrophotometer based on X-Rite i1 Colour Technology automatically analyzes colors, calibrates them and instantly creates ICC-profiles. This drastically boosts print process of multicolor mock-ups and 24” and 44” color tests.
A free HP ProPrint module for Adobe Photoshop enables to achieve required colors at first try. This module is developed for Adobe Photoshop CS2 and is compatible with all HP Designjet Z series professional photo printers.
HP Designjet Z3100ps GP uses HP Vivera pigment inks 12-color print system.
Designed for workgroups, HP Designjet Z3100ps GP has a built-in web-server that allows task and queue management for maximum performance. The server is capable of processing task in multi-user environment due to 256 МB of RAM and 10 GB of flash memory.

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