Sunday, March 4, 2007

Best of Laser and Inkjet Printing by HP

Hewlett Packard has developed a unique Edgeline and Scalable Printing Technologies for high-speed quality high-volume printing at low running costs.

The development has taken $1.4 billion and over 4 years of work. The goal of the research was to create single printing mechanism using advantages of both laser and jet HP technologies. As a result, the developed Edgeline technology has considerably increased the speed of printing and it’s outstanding quality.

The HP engineers have managed to combine best features of inkjet and laser printing: high speed, quality of text and graphics, low print cost per page and the lowest general running costs.

Edgeline Technology is one of a kind – printheads are positioned sheet-wide, so the only thing that moves during printing is paper. The speed increase has been made due to linear positioning of big fixed printheads – inks pour on paper sheet-wide while the sheet passes under printheads. That results in accurate ink application and maximum print speed.

The devices built on this technology use Vivera inks to provide highest print quality even on plain paper. Unlike jet technology, inks don’t diffuse into paper, but are applied on its surface and fixed with fixing agent to form a thin film. As a result, printouts come out dry even at high speed.

HP Edgeline Technology is developed for high-volume printing systems used in commercial print, industrial and office large-volume print. First products built on Edgeline technology are expected to appear the soonest.

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