Thursday, April 3, 2008

TCD Blog Keeps On Getting Updated

You may have known from previous posts that scientists have adopted the inkjet printer for printing electric circuits, artificial bones, blood vessels and body organs. Yet, inkjet printing proves versatile technology for creating other non-imaging products.

A company named Konarka Technologies announced that it manufactured solar cells with an inkjet printing technology. Using the existing and very simple technologies of an office inkjet printer, Konarka has replaced ink with the solar cell material, and paper with a thin flexible sheet of plastic.

Cool, isn't it?

Here are some more futuristic technologies. Hewlett-Packard offered a peek into future printing technologies, introducing a new inkjet printer that prints thousands of pages per minute and ink that retains its shine even when exposed to extreme elements.

HP’s water-based Latex Ink has special formula that allows it to embed in a surface and become part of a media print. HP’s Latex Ink can withstand snow and even rain and is useful for large-format media used on billboards and outdoor signs.

Also, the company launched the Inkjet Web Press printer, which can print up to 2,600 A4-sized color pages a minute at as little as US$0.01 per color page.

Speaking of inkjet printers.

It is good to have them at hand to print you tax returns, a postcard to your friends or a receipt from cooking site. Unfortunately, sometime they just stop working. The most common problem with inkjet printers is clogged cartridge.

Of course, the best way to get rid of clogged jets is to prevent them. But if you have already got involved into this unpleasant situation, there is a good way to unclog your inkjet printer. Actually, this is a receipt you may try to print out before the printhead gets clogged.

Speaking of printheads.

Printer ink is definitely more capacious technology than, say, toner. Kyocera developed the world fastest and industry widest drop-on-demand inkjet printhead. The printhead can use both water-based pigment and UV inks and print on variety of media – from paper to fabric, film and plastic. Just like that.

To tell the truth, Kyocera printhead is not the only device that can print on virtually all media. A wide-format Solara ion inkjet printer introduced by Gerber. The printer can print on virtually any surface that is up 64 inches wide and up to 1 inch thick! You'll get more details on this printer, if visit TCD blog.

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