Friday, January 18, 2008

Toner Cartridge Depot Blog Updated

If you ever seen "X pages at 5% coverage" in a cartridge description and wondered how much these 5% really are, you can find the answer in new article. It gives the idea of how toner yield (or page yield) is calculated. You will see a spectacular example of what 5 percent coverage print looks like and download a sample page.

Also, you will learn that main advantages LED printing technology has of laser printing are
  • smaller and more reliable printing devices
  • no ozone when printing
  • higher imaging precision
  • information security
The first post with video is added showing that some printers can produce images of unlimited size.

Every one of us has questions he or she wants to have answers for. While most of those questions are quite specific ‘Will I pass this or not?’ others are rhetorical ones - ‘What the purpose of life?’, ‘What is love?’ or ‘How are you doing?’ There are also questions that at first glance seem specific, but turn out to be rhetorical under closer examination.

One such question is "why is printer ink so expensive?" is considered in another article.

All this. as well as announces of new printers and other posts you can find on TCD blog

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