Thursday, February 1, 2007

New 3D-printer Produces More Durable and Detailed Models

The other day, Dimension 3D Printing Group, a division of Stratasys, introduced a new device for fast 3D-prototypes production - Dimension Elite 3D Printer. “Volumetric printer” Dimension Elite is an addition to existing range of table plants by Dimension 3D Printing Group, which include Dimension 1200 (two models) and Dimension 768 (two models also). Thus, the Dimension family has total of 5 models.

Dimension Elite 3D Printer enables engineers and designers to get models of enhanced detailing and higher quality surface processing, more durable and functional than ever before. The maximum dimensions of processing model are around 20x20x30 cm. The construction material is ABSplus, an advanced modification of ABS. ABSplus allows creating models that are 40% more resistant to mechanical action. The new product is priced at $32,900.

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